Welcome to

Hidden Springs Ranch

Denton, NC


In 2016 Carol purchased an old, overgrown farm in Denton, NC. The following project of transforming the property into a working ranch was no small task, but anyone who knows Carol, knows she is a go big or go home type of person!
With lots of undergrowth in the beautiful pine forests on the property, it was decided to employ help with some of the brush clearing. This came in 2017, in the form of a small herd of goats and a herd of nineteen Registered Longhorns Carol purchased on Craigslist!

Since then we have grown more and more fond of the breed. What started out as a hobby and a desire for diversely talented livestock, has turned into a passion!

Now Hidden Springs Ranch is committed to raising high quality and complete Texas Longhorn cattle.
As well as providing our local community with nutritious beef!
We are always learning, always moving forward, stay tuned, and expect big things from HS Ranch now and in the future!

-Andrew S. (Ranch manager) 2020-present